Contact us with any enquiries about conditions in the Park.
phone: 0487 898 837 or 0428 545 272

Bunny Beach Farm Stay, allows short-term parking for self contained recreational vehicles.  

No facilities provided.  What you bring in, you take out, including all waste and litter.

Recreational Vehicles, must comply with relevant regulations, regarding fire extinguishers, gas and electrical et cetera.

Recreational Vehicles are to be separated by 3 metres, and able to, exit with out reversing.

Children under 18 years old, must be accompanied by an adult/parent or guardian and supervised, by same, at all times.

Pets on a lead or leash are permitted.

The speed limit is walking pace or 5 km/hr.

Enter via Inman Valley Road and Exit via Back Valley Road [except in an emergency].

No loud noise or musicrespect other patrons.

No open fires. No digging holes.

Bushfire Survival Plan is displayed in Shelter Shed.
Fire Hoses are strictly for fighting fires.

Water is Non – Potable, [Salty Creek Water].   
Misuse  =  EVICTION.

You are entering a Working Farm, please respect Farm Biosecurity.

Beware of, but not limited to, falling trees/limbs, water, animals, reptiles, mosquitoes, uneven ground, electric fences et cetera.

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